Electrochemical preparation of poly(1,3-dinaphthyl isothianaphthene)

  • Kohei Yamabe
  • Qin Zhiyong
  • Hiromasa Goto Division of Materials Science, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, University of Tsukuba
Keywords: bandgap, isothianaphthene, electrosynthesis


Isothianaphthene is one of the promising monomer units of conjugated polymers because of isothianaphthene based polymers show small bandgap. In this research, isothianaphthene based new monomer unit was synthesized. Theoretical discussion of the monomer unit with density functional theory was carried out. Electrochemical polymerization of the monomer yielded electroactive polymer thin films. UV-vis optical absorption spectra and electron spin resonance evaluated optical bandgap and magnetic property of the resultant piolymer. Bandgap of the polymer was to be 1.58 eV.

Conductive Polymer